Uygulamalı İngilizce ve Çevirmenlik Programı

Genel Bilgiler

Program Profile

The Applied English and Translation Program is an associate degree program consisting of 2 years of education given after the successful completion of the 1-year English preparatory program (to be held at the School of Foreign Languages). It aims to provide the ability to translate in many different fields between English and Turkish languages and to provide both written and verbal communication competence in English. It has compulsory and elective courses within a curriculum suitable for the conditions and requirements of the time . There is an internship in the program so that students have the opportunity to apply what they have learned in business life and gain practical experience in translation. The program has young, visionary lecturers who are experts in English language. Those who successfully complete the department are awarded an associate degree.

The goal of the Applied English and Translation Program is to work as a part of an organization that continuously learns and develops within the framework of the requirements of the time, and in this direction, to fill the gap of trained and qualified workforce required in our country, to advance in the philosophy of training intermediate staff with quality and qualities in accordance with the requirements of the time.

Employment Opportunities

The graduates of the program can work both in state institutions and organizations and in the private sector. In addition to state institutions such as the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of European Union, other ministries, the Constitutional Court, TRT, General Directorate of Press and Information, Anadolu Agency, translation offices in the private sector, visual and written media, tourism and publishing companies, import and export companies employment opportunities are also high.

Further Studies

Students who graduate from this program can transfer to the related Faculty via DGS exam which is applied in Turkey.